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Gray F2 Savannah kitten Kala
Light Brown F2 Savannah cat Dots
SBT savannah cat against some plants.
Livelaughsavannahs is a registered cattery through TICA
What is TICA?

TICA is The International Cat Association. The organization was founded is 1979 and is now the world’s largest genetic cat registry. The organization not only registers catteries and all breeds of felines, but establishes genotypic and phenotypic standards for all breeds of domestic cats. TICA has held cat shows in over 100 different countries and the organization promotes loving and healthy relationships between humans and our furry companions.


Savannah cat breeder

Welcome to our cattery page

For those looking to buy a savannah cat, they make great friendly new home companions. We have beautiful savannah kittens for sale of various generations. Savannah cats are very social exotic animals that love to play and pounce around all over the place. They also make incredibly fun, loving, and loyal friends. Here at Live Laugh Savannahs, our cats are raised in home with us every day, so they can experience the ins and outs of the everyday home life. There is lots of activities and love throughout the home making them very playful, social, and loving cats. Our savannah kittens are raised alongside my husband and I, our three children, other savannah cats and a large breed dog making them very adaptable to multi pet homes. As savannah cat breeders, we specialize in F2, F3 and SBT savannah kittens.

Please click on the link below to learn more about our cattery and who we are.

What does F1, F2, F3 mean?

The F in F1 for instance stands for Filial generation. The number that follows the F is basically the number of generations the cat in question is removed from its common ancestor, the African serval.

For example

An F1 savannah cat is the offspring of an African serval and a domestic cat. Due to the size of the serval and pairing difficulties it is common practice for it to be the father.

Generation Breakdown

F1 = Serval x Domestic

F2 = Female F1 Savannah x F5 or Below Male Savannah

F3 = Female F2 Savannah x F5 or Below Male Savannah

So on, and so forth for generations F4 and below

The male savannah cat is sterile until generation F5 therefore, for F1 through F5 it is the mother that determines the generation of the offspring.

Letters commonly associated: A, B, C, SBT
  • A means that one parent is a Savannah, and the other parent is an outcross.

  • B means that both parents are Savannahs, but one grandparent is a different domestic breed.

  • C means both parents and grandparents are Savannahs, but one great grandparent is not.

  • SBT stands for Stud Book Tradition and means that the kitten has at least 3 generations of savannah parents.

  • In the savannah breeding community, this outcross is an African serval making F1 A savannah cats.

Our previous savannah kittens

A collection of our cats that have found happy homes!

Previos Kittens
Serval Cat among a grassy field.

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Our cattery is located outside of Kansas City.


You will be able to email us with any inquiries at


You can also feel free to contact us by call or text at

(619) 215-6900

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