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Who we are

Who are we?

The Sophia

Here is our 9 year old daughter Sophia. She is obsessed with animals. She is extremely energetic, taking any opportunity to play with our Savannah kittens/cats. She loves helping whenever she has a chance and plays a very important role in the socialization of new Savannah kittens.

Savannah Cat Breeding assistant

The Justice

This our 7 year old son Justice. He is a very kind and gentle boy who loves to care for our Savannah kittens. He is always there to give a helping hand caring for the little ones and enthusiastically assisting when needed.

Savannah Cat breeding assistant

The Boss Lady

Hi there, my name is Maricela. I am the lady in charge. I have been obsessed with this Savannah cat breed for as long as I can remember. I have always wanted to be involved with animals and this provides me an opportunity to pursue those goals and share this amazing breed with other people.

Savannah Cat breeder

The Man

This is my husband Cory. He is such a great help and encourages me to pursue my goals and makes improvements to better the lives and happiness of our Savannahs. 

How we do it

All the Savannah kittens are raised with us, in our home for best socialization and experience with their individual personalities. We prefer having our cats/kittens staying right in our home with us so they can experience the everyday routine of living with a family, other animals, children and the noises that come with those daily routines. We also allow our Savannahs to be outside in a very spacious enclosure that we have built because natural sunlight is essential for their vitamin d production and it allows them to exercise and de-stress. We feed our Savannah cats a whole raw/wet diet to keep them interested, healthy, hydrated, and satisfied. We feed whole chicks, rabbit, gerbils, mice, along with chicken. We have established a our own rabbit breeding program to have more control over what is being consumed by our Savannahs.

We like to pride ourselves for not only producing beautiful savannahs, but nurturing beautiful personalities, so new owners have great companions to welcome. We have heard many stories from people about their previously purchased cats that are not particularly good fits. We have yet to have an issue with the personality of a single kitten that has come from our cattery. We believe this is because, during their stay in our home, they are family and are treated as such. They experience the day in and day out rituals of the day of being in a home with other animals, children, and various noises. Unfortunately, we can’t keep all our kittens, but we are glad to know they are incredibly happy with their loving family.

We are incredibly happy to be able to say that our savannah cats are raised in our house, living right with us 24hrs a day. They are given free access to the house as well as outdoors in our large outdoor enclosure. This is something I do not believe many breeders can honestly answer the same way. I believe this also contributes greatly to the love that they show to us as well as to their families that they go home to.

How we do it?

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