Our Queens and Studs



Here is our furrrocious looking queen Senya. She is an F1 Savannah Drinkwater baby. She is 22 inches tall with a weight of 20 pounds. Senya enjoys the outdoors and is a wonderful mother, nanny and teacher to all kittens raised here at LiveLaughSavannahs. 


F1 Savannah

Here is our sweet F2 Savannah queen Dots. she comes from Seaside Savannahs. She has a beautiful structure with nice tall ears, long neck, and long legs. She has a wonderfully short tail and such a lovely personality.

Dots is the first to appear for any exciting happenings around the house. She is a very curious cat and a wonderfully caring mother.


F2 Savannah

This is our F6 Savannah queen Oat. She was breed in our own program. She is a sweet golden girl with nice dark spots and a lean body with long legs.

Oat is very gentle and gets along well with everyone. 


F6 Savannah



This is the amazing serval named Bubbles. He is the sweetest boy and loves to play. He is currently 10 months old and will be our future stud for our F1 programs.

Bubbles comes from Alabama and enjoys lounging on everything. Besides lounging, his favorite activities are sizing up our doberman, finding new areas and seeing how high up he can get.

Bubbles loves the outdoors and all the scents and activities that nature provides for him. When indoors with us, although much bigger than our other cats, he still manages to climb up on cabinets and bookshelves to view the world in a different way.



This is the Italian Stallion Rocky. He is a double grand champion stud with The International Cat Association. In 2020 he received 2nd place out of all savannah cats internationally. He has a very serval like body with long legs, long neck, lean structure, large ears, and hooded eyes. He is a silver F7 Savannah. He provides great physical structure in kittens breed from him.

Rocky is a very sweet, outgoing and social boy. He enjoys sitting on your lap and getting a good back scratch. He loves sun bathing and a good can of tuna. He always puts other before himself when it comes to eating allowing others to eat before himself while passing on chivalry.


F7 Savannah

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