Our Queens and Studs



Here is our furrrocious looking queen Senya. She is an F1 Drinkwater baby. She is 22 inches tall with a weight of 20 pounds.


Here is our sweet F2 queen Dots. she comes from Seaside Savannahs. She has a beautiful structure with nice tall ears, long neck, and long legs. She has a wonderfully short tail and such a lovely personality.


This is our F6 queen Oat. She was breed in our own program. She is a sweet golden girl with nice dark spots and a lean body with long legs.




This is the amazing serval named Bubbles. He is the sweetest boy and loves to play. He is currently 5 months old and will be our future stud for our F1 programs.


This is the Italian Stallion Rocky. He is a double grand champion stud with The International Cat Association. In 2020 he received 2nd place out of all savannah cats internationally. He has a very serval like body with long legs, long neck, lean structure, large ears, and hooded eyes. He is a silver F7.


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F2 Golden Savannah Cat, Female.